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The Penguins got blistered 6-3 at Philadelphia. It was their opening game, and it was U-G-L-Y, they don’t have an alibi. If you put the entire team in a burlap sack and beat it with an ax handle, whoever got a broken bone would deserve it. 

But Twitter decided early in the game that it was defenseman Mike Matheson’s fault. He’s the new Jack Johnson, and more evidence that GM Jim Rutherford has ruined the franchise. 

Pittsburgh hockey fans always need someone to target. After one game with the Penguins, Matheson is their pick. Here’s betting their blame lasts as long as Matheson wears the uniform. 

Matheson didn’t cover himself in glory. He was minus-1, took a penalty that led to allowing a power-play goal and committed numerous errors. But Matheson also showed skill with the puck. If Tristan Jarry plays better in goal, a few of Matheson’s mistakes aren’t noticed. 

Outside of Mark Jankowski’s line, most Penguins had awful nights. (If Jankowski’s line is your best line, that’s a formula for losing 6-3.) 

Steelers fans are stupid. Pirates fans are stupider. 

Penguins fans, be better. Lay off Matheson.

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