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When JuJu Smith-Schuster signs with the New York Jets (or a team in whatever big market) so he can better build his “brand,” he will discover a sad, hard truth. 

Smith-Schuster’s brand is the Steelers. He’s popular because he’s a Steeler. Not because of who he is, how he plays, or how he acts. 

Smith-Schuster is a dork. He certainly dances like a dork. That act plays in Pittsburgh, when you’re a Steeler. That act won’t play in New York. 

The media and fans in New York will eat Smith-Schuster alive. 

He’s going to be a mediocre receiver on a crap team. New York will say, “The Jets suck. Why is this dork dancing all the time?” 

The Steelers are a worldwide brand. Smith-Schuster isn’t. The Jets aren’t. That’s despite being in New York. The Jets are that market’s No. 2 football team. 

When Marc-Andre Fleury went from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas, we immediately started seeing Fleury No. 29 Golden Knights jerseys in Pittsburgh. That remains cringe-worthy. 

Will we see Smith-Schuster No. 19 (or whatever number) Jets jerseys in Pittsburgh next year? 

I certainly hope so. 

The marks on Twitter that love Smith-Schuster aren't the same crowd that populates the Heinz Field parking lots. When all the tickets can be sold again, I’d love to see people wearing Smith-Schuster Jets jerseys cross paths with some old-school folk wearing Jack Lambert jerseys. 

More people now agree with me than don’t about Smith-Schuster and Chase Claypool, a/k/a AB Jr. and AB Jr. Jr. Being eliminated by Cleveland in embarrassing fashion and seeing that atrocity sandwiched by their clown act woke people up. 

But it won’t wake up the Steelers. 

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