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The Houston Texans reportedly want three first-round picks for QB Deshaun Watson. 

Many of the Steelers faithful (including some of the media) rapturously shout, “THE STEELERS SHOULD MAKE THAT TRADE!” 

No, they shouldn’t. 

The Steelers need an overhaul. Trading three first-round picks cripples that idea. First-round talent is usually ready to contribute quickly, if not immediately. Rookie contracts are affordable. 

You trade for Watson if plugging him in makes you a legit Super Bowl contender now. That would not remotely be the case with the Steelers. The Steelers would be 50/50, at best, to even make the playoffs next season with Watson.


Yep. Kind of like how Houston had a franchise QB and J.J Watt. But who did Houston ever beat? Watson is 1-2 in playoff games. The Texans went 4-12 this season. 

Once Bud Dupree leaves via free agency and subtractions are made to appease the cap, let’s see how elite that Steelers defense is next year. Along with that elite defense, the Steelers still have a terrible, aging offensive line and the NFL’s worst group of running backs. It wouldn’t be easy to rebuild that offensive line without your next three first-round draft picks. 

Despite clamor from the citizens, the Steelers are almost 100 percent not interested in trading for Watson. 

Trading one first-round pick for an All-Pro safety still on his rookie contract isn’t the same as trading three first-round choices for a 25-year-old QB with a $15.9 million cap hit for 2021, a whopping $40.4 million cap hit for 2022 and a deal that runs through 2023 and guarantees $110 million. (As good as Watson is, he will be very difficult to trade.) 

Anyway, before trading last year’s first-round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers hadn’t swapped their top choice since 1967. 

If you’re going to keep breaking Steelers tradition, fire the coach. At least that’s a move that makes sense. 

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