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Actor Frank Grillo joins the show at 5:15 p.m., and we’ve got a lot to discuss. 

We’re going to talk about Grillo's new movie, “Boss Level,” which is basically “Groundhog Day” with guns. 

Grillo plays Roy Pulver, a retired special forces soldier who is stuck in a time loop that sees him get violently killed over and over. I just pray Ned Ryerson isn’t in danger. 

Grillo also has a sci-fi movie coming out, “Cosmic Sin.” He co-stars with Bruce Willis. 

Perhaps nearest and dearest to my heart (and show), Grillo is a mainstay of “The Purge” movie franchise. He starred in the second and third installments. #PurgeAndPurify 

We’re also going to talk football. Grillo is calling from Tampa, site of Sunday’s Super Bowl. 

Check out the trailers and clips below. 

More good news: There will be a fifth Purge movie in 2021! “The Forever Purge.” 

Just remember all the good the Purge does. 

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