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We all remember Ron Hextall chasing Robbie Brown around the ice when the latter scored on the former in Game 5 of the 1989 playoff series between Philadelphia and the Penguins. 

That night saw Hextall allow nine goals on 26 shots in 30:48. The Penguins won, 10-7. Mario Lemieux had five goals and three assists.

Hextall’s anger seems understandable. Or perhaps he was disoriented by the constant heat of the goal light. 

That outburst wasn’t Hextall’s only rodeo. 

Hextall exhibited quite a temper while tending goal for 13 NHL seasons (1986-99). 

His pursuit of Brown is presented below as a stand-alone. But the first video presents a lot of Hextall wackiness, as well as his two goals. Hextall is the only NHL goalie to score twice by shooting the puck. His stickhandling was without peer. 

Hextall, the Penguins’ new GM, probably won’t have much spare time. But he could help some local men’s league team make a statement. Aggressive hockey is back in town. 

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