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Last week I wrote a column (click HERE to read) about several of the Canadian media using a radio discussion to try to wish Sidney Crosby out of Pittsburgh. 

Darren Dreger of TSN was involved in that conversation. Dreger projected Crosby being traded to Colorado. 

“It wouldn’t shock me at all if Sid said, ‘Look, I want my legacy to be you collecting the pieces by moving me to the Colorado Avalanche or the New York Rangers’ or whatever the team is,” Dreger said. “Colorado makes a lot of sense to me.” 

Dreger’s remarks caused a website that fanboys for the Avalanche to create a graphic that mocked up an Avs jersey with Crosby’s name and number. (See below. Astroglide not included.) 

The battle cry for such absurd speculation is always, “If Wayne Gretzky can get traded…” 

But Mario Lemieux isn’t Peter Pocklington, Edmonton’s con-man owner that traded Gretzky. 

Sidney Crosby doesn’t have a Hollywood wife he needs to placate by moving to Los Angeles. 

Crosby has won three Cups in Pittsburgh. He’s not desperate like Ray Bourque was when he pimped himself out to Colorado after failing to deliver during 21 seasons in Boston.

Gretzky, the “greatest player in hockey history,” played for five teams. He was the greatest journeyman in hockey history. 

It’s not going to turn out that way with Crosby. 

Dreger’s scenario where Crosby wants his legacy in Pittsburgh to be restocking the Penguins’ system by being traded is laughable. Even more idiotic is the Avs’ fanboy website saying that Colorado would be ill-advised to surrender top prospects to get Crosby. 

The Canadian hockey media loves to throw ***t at the wall. But this has no hope of sticking. 

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