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Is it possible? The videos below from Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore) and Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) hint vaguely at the possibility, but it’s unlikely. 

Although Bob Barker, at 97, is still around if he wants a bare-knuckle rematch with Gilmore 25 years later. 

“Happy Gilmore” is my favorite Sandler movie. It’s “angry clown” on full display. 

“The Wedding Singer” is Sandler’s best performance. 

“Uncut Gems” is a quality dark horse. 

“Click” and “Punch-Drunk Love” got lots of acclaim. 

“Billy Madison,” “Big Daddy” and “The Waterboy” are popular. But they’re heavy on slapstick, light on subtlety. 

Sandler has a great body of work. That's certain.

Is “Happy Gilmore” a golf movie or a hockey movie? That’s legit debate. Even as Happy won the gold jacket (green jacket, who gives a ***t?), he insisted he was a hockey player. 

What would the storyline be for “Happy Gilmore 2”? It would probably be, basically, a remake of the original. You’d think it couldn’t be terrible, but “Dumb and Dumber To” sure was. 

Check out the last video: The PGA paid tribute to "Happy Gilmore." Very cool.

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