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I appeared on the popular Spittin’ Chiclets hockey podcast. It was an enjoyable reunion with ex-Penguins Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, burgeoning media stars and vodka magnates. 

I stirred the Twitter pot by saying that the Top 5 hockey players of all time are:

  1. Mario Lemieux
  2. Bobby Orr
  3. Wayne Gretzky
  4. Sidney Crosby
  5. Gordie Howe 

I don’t see how anybody’s Top 5 could be different beyond adjusting the order.

Rocket Richard could sneak in, but I never saw Richard play. Bobby Hull merits consideration. 

Connor McJesus has great statistics, but he’s been in the NHL six seasons and has only won one playoff series. Lemieux won two Stanley Cups, Orr two, Gretzky four, Crosby three, Howe four. Numbers and the eye test are big parts of it, but you’ve got to win. (McJesus' production in that minor league/pinball machine called the North division will be insane this year.)

Some feel Howe is the No. 1 player. They must have tweeted from 1955. 

Lemieux, Orr and Gretzky are the top three. Zero doubt. Gretzky has the stats, Orr changed hockey and Lemieux was the game’s top offensive force. Rank them in any order you like. 

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