He’s been in play since the start of the week, but free-agent WR JuJu Smith-Schuster still hasn’t signed. He’s maintained social media silence, which is rare for him. 

Has Smith-Schuster reached the milk-carton stage? Have several loaded drafts and a glut of talent available in free agency made wide receiver disposable, like running back? Has Smith-Schuster’s narcissism/constant branding chased suitors away? Have teams figured that Smith-Schuster is nothing better than a slot receiver, a No. 3? Will Smith-Schuster ultimately get paid what he’s looking for, or is his value plummeting by the second? Will Smith-Schuster come crawling back to the Steelers for a bargain price? (They really don’t need him.) 

It’s easy to imagine Smith-Schuster being in a panic. His free agency can’t be going as he envisioned it. 

Images Courtesy of Getty Images

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