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In last night’s minor-league hockey action, Montreal clubbed Edmonton 4-0. 

So, Edmonton’s Connor McDavid clubbed Montreal’s Jesperi Kotkaniemi:

It’s a late hit. It’s a high hit. McDavid targeted Kotkaniemi’s head with his elbow. (Yeah, I know…the hit glanced off Kotkaniemi's shoulder first. That’s becoming an oft-used excuse.) McDavid left his skates. There was obviously malicious intent. 

But all McDavid got was a two-minute penalty and a $5,000 fine. No suspension.

That’s because of who McDavid is. That sucks. 

McDavid is hockey’s leading scorer and best player. 

But he’s not really the face of the NHL. Here’s why: 

*McDavid plays in Edmonton. He might as well play on Jupiter. 
*McDavid can’t win. He’s been in the NHL six years, and has won only one playoff series.
*McDavid is a sourpuss and a baby. Witness what happened last night when he was losing.
*McDavid isn’t Sidney Crosby, and never will be. Crosby would never take a cheap shot like that. 

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