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The Pittsburgh Clothing Co. has a new line of T-shirts ready for the start of Pirates season. They use the letter “P” as displayed on the team’s caps. It’s the exact same style.

The shirts say PAIN.

That’s Mr. T’s prediction for the Pirates season. It’s also my prediction, and I would think just about everybody’s. 

Says the Pittsburgh Clothing Co., “Wearing this means you understand it isn’t going to be fun for the next few years, but you care.”

I get it. I like it. 

But I bet the Pirates don’t get it, or like it.

The Pirates historically have no sense of humor about how bad they are. 

In 2011, a Kennedy Township tavern (the Stroll Inn) discounted pitchers of beer by a nickel every time the Pirates got beat during one of their frequent losing streaks. Pirates employees tried to organize a boycott of the Stroll Inn via email. Then-Pirates president Frank Coonelly called the bar’s owner and addressed her in unfriendly fashion. 

The “Pirates Lose, You Win” promotion was quickly cancelled. The team's pettiness won the day. Ironically and deliciously, Coonelly was arrested for DUI the next year.

I bet the Pirates try something similar with the Pittsburgh Clothing Co., especially since it involves one of their logos. 

Hopefully I can get a 4XL before the shirts are pulled. 

Better yet, hopefully the Pirates just let it go. Owner Bob Nutting shouldn't be the only one to profit off the misery his team creates. 

Thumbnail via @PGHClothingCo.

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