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Which shot was better: Jalen Suggs’ shot that put Gonzaga in this year’s NCAA championship game for men’s basketball, or Christian Laettner’s shot that got Duke to the Final Four in 1992? 

The videos are below. Decide for yourself. 

But I pick Laettner’s shot for three reasons: 

*It’s Duke-Kentucky. Bigger names = bigger game. 

*Duke was trailing. If Suggs misses, that game goes to a second overtime. If Laettner misses, Duke goes home. 

*Suggs’ shot was longer, but Laettner’s was tougher. Laettner had to catch, turn and shoot, and was tightly guarded. 

BTW, Ric Flair had input on this debate. He says Laettner. I do, too. 

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