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Mark Madden

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Look at that hat. Look at that T-shirt. It paraphrases a Parliament lyric. It don’t get badder than P-Funk. 

Look at Dave Parker’s lifetime stats: .290/.339/.471 with 339 HR, 2,712 hits, 1,493 RBI and 1,272 runs. He was a two-time National League batting champ, 1978 NL MVP and 1979 All-Star Game MVP. How the heck is “The Cobra” not in the Hall of Fame? 

The Pirates should sell that T-shirt. 

If they want to update it, maybe try, “IF YOU HEAR ANY NOISE IT'S JUST ME AND THE BOYS SUCKIN.” The Pirates are 1-6 and a joke already. 

Those Pirates had Parker. These Pirates have Polanco. RF has dropped off a cliff.

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