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During the Penguins-Buffalo game on NBC Saturday, analyst Pierre McGuire called Sidney Crosby the most disrespected player in hockey. The complete quote:  

“This guy’s career has been amazing, and not enough people show enough respect. He’s the most disrespected player in our game in terms of star power. I really believe it.”

That’s a bold statement. But McGuire is 100 percent right. 

Crosby is the best player of his era, and one of the top 5 players of all time. That isn’t said often enough, or unequivocally enough. 

There are way too many latter-day disclaimers: “What about Jonathan Toews’ great leadership?” or “Connor McDavid’s numbers are amazing, and his speed is electric.” 

There are no disclaimers: Crosby is top 5 ever, period. The best player of his era, period.

Toews has 489 less points than Crosby. Crosby has three Cups; McDavid has won one playoff series. Those comparisons are like equating Dom Perignon to Diet Coke.

McDavid may get more points now. He's not a winner, and not a better 200-foot player. Crosby might be the NHL's MVP this season, at 33.

If you don't say Crosby is top 5 ever, with no disclaimer - that translates to disrespect, like McGuire said.

Consider Crosby's numbers, and the Penguins' success over his tenure. How did he only win two regular-season MVPs? That = disrespect.

My top 5 hockey players ever:

  1. Mario Lemieux
  2. Bobby Orr
  3. Wayne Gretzky
  4. Sidney Crosby
  5. Gordie Howe

You can rank the top three in any order, and I won't argue. You can flip Crosby and Howe, and I won't argue

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders

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