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32% > 17.8%

I wrote a column for (click HERE to read) about whether the Penguins should put Evgeni Malkin back on the top PP when he returns from injury. 

Jared McCann has taken Malkin’s place, albeit at a different spot on the ice. 

But the argument isn’t McCann vs. Malkin. 

The argument is Crosby on the right half-wall vs. Malkin on the right half-wall. Crosby has moved to that spot in Malkin’s absence. 

Malkin shoots better one-timers from that position. Crosby does everything else better. Crosby is a proper quarterback. 

The facts: The PP without Malkin has converted 32 percent of the time. The PP with Malkin converted 17.8 percent of the time. 

Read the column, then decide. 

But I can’t come up with a single argument for reinstating Malkin to the No. 1 PP that doesn’t involve what used to be, not what is. 

Eventually, this version of the power play will sputter. Insert Malkin then. 

If it never sputters, that speaks for itself. 

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