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The Steelers had a solid draft. To get my take on their first three picks, click HERE

The Steelers’ selections added up to a concerted effect to fix the running game. Their first four choices reflected that: They got the best back in the draft, a tight end that can block (which Eric Ebron isn’t interested in), a center that might start and a tackle with legit potential. 

There was nothing haphazard about the Steelers’ draft. In the end, it added up. 

Fantasy football drafts aren’t far away. Fantasy experts like Harris, projecting him go as early as the second round in a typical draft. 

*The Steelers ask their top back to be a workhorse. James Conner played 65 percent of the team’s snaps from 2018-20 despite a plethora of injuries. Le’Veon Bell averaged almost 25 touches per game during his five seasons with Pittsburgh. 

*Harris has zero competition to start. Benny Snell? Don’t make me laugh. 

*The Steelers’ offensive line is suspect. But as a senior at Alabama, Harris broke 20 more tackles than any other back. He can get yards on his own. (Witness the highlights below.) 

* ranks Harris as one of the NFL’s top 15 backs for fantasy purposes. To read that article, click HERE

It’s easy to see Harris topping 1,500 total yards (rushing + receiving) as a rookie. 

Harris was a good pick for the Steelers. He’d be a good pick for you, too. 

Plus, he’s nice to homeless kids. He was one. See the video below.

Thumbnail via Pittsburgh Steelers

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