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But to expand on something discussed only briefly in the screed provided, Nick Bonino’s offensive spurt for the Penguins at the end of the 2015-16 season was amazing. 

It wasn’t a fluke. Producing those stats over a decent sample size can’t be called a fluke. 

But consider: 

*Bonino’s best regular season was 2013-14 for Anaheim. He had 49 points in 77 games. That’s an average of .64 points per game. 

*Bonino’s career average is .45 points per game. (It’s .49 points per game in the playoffs.) 

*In the 2016 playoffs, Bonino had four goals and 14 assists in 24 games. In the last 13 games of that regular season, he had five goals and 11 assists. That’s a total of 34 points in 37 games, an average of .92 points per game.

Bonino exploded like he never did before, or has done since. 

Crazy things can happen in the playoffs. 

Bonino helped the Penguins win two Stanley Cups. 

Pittsburgh will always remember the HBK line: Carl Hagelin, Bonino and Phil Kessel. 

Pittsburgh will always remember these moments, too:

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