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…the biggest angle in wrestling history kicked off when Scott Hall showed up on WCW Monday Nitro to trigger the nWo invasion. 

The angle enabled WCW to overhaul WWE in popularity as Nitro topped Monday Night Raw in the TV ratings for 83 weeks. 

It also got me hauled into court for hours of deposition in a copyright-infringement case filed against WCW by WWE. Whether or not I was a journalist when I appeared on WCW’s 900#(and could thus protect my sources) was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. No kidding.

I wasn’t. Win some, lose some.

To be fair, Scott is channeling his Razor Ramon character from WWE. But Razor Ramon was based on Tony Montana in “Scarface.” Al Pacino never sued. Scott had cribbed from Montana when he was the Diamond Studd in WCW prior to working for WWE.

But the premise was undeniable: WWE was sending an army to conquer WCW. (WCW still denied it.)

Anyway, the angle worked. Big. It was the time of my life. Hey, yo… 

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