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Tyler Glasnow of Tampa Bay blew out his elbow. He may need Tommy John surgery. Glasnow says it’s because MLB made him stop cheating. Glasnow had to quit using (illegal) sticky substances to help his grip. That made the ex-Pirate re-learn his pitches, and he got hurt. He’s mad. “How dare they stop me from cheating?” 

Trevor Bauer of Los Angeles says the balls should be uniformly sprayed with a sticky substance before being put into play. That’s a good idea. Give the pitchers every edge. Nobody wants to see the ball in play, with fielders chasing it and baserunners sprinting. That’s no fun. The glory of the game is spin rate.

Chad Kuhl of the Pirates says the baseballs are too sandy and/or chalky. But that’s not why Kuhl stinks. 

Tyler Anderson of the Pirates says MLB commissioner Rob Manfred keeps changing the balls. But that’s not why Anderson stinks. 

Pitchers will now be regularly checked for illegal substances. Baseball games are already interminably long. Now they will be even longer. 

Baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball. You hit the ball. You catch the ball.

But now, baseball mostly sucks.

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