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The Penguins will reportedly have a new third jersey this year, and a new “classic” jersey, too. 

They need to bring back these jerseys. 


The Penguins wore these sweaters from 1975-77. This is my favorite Penguins uniform ever. Love that shade of blue. 

The Penguins didn’t start wearing black and gold ‘til 1980. I wish they never had. 

The Steelers were Pittsburgh’s champions then. But as a Penguins lifer, I liked it better when they wore blue. It gave the team its own identity. 

I hope the Penguins switch back to blue, and these jerseys – for selected games, anyway. 

This video is from a Penguins’ playoff game in 1977 at Toronto. The Penguins won, 6-4, but lost the series, two games to one. 

This video is chock-full of great highlights. Tremendous give-and-go by Jean Pronovost and Pierre Larouche, the club's first-ever players to score 50 goals. Greg Malone (a/k/a Ryan's dad) nets the game-winner. Channel 11 legend Sam Nover and original Penguins GM Jack Riley do play-by-play and color, respectively.

We had a few good memories before Mario. Salute them. Bring back those jerseys. 

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