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WTF is pickleball? 

It’s a question I didn’t need the answer to. But it’s on TV, so I found out. 

That’s the problem. It’s on television, along with cornhole, spikeball…Jesus, these networks find absurd ways to fill their (too much) TV time. 

I’m not sure how to define it. The name is silly: “pickleball.” It’s tennis for douchebags. It’s like ping-pong, but you’re standing on top of the table. 

I used to be heavily involved in dek/ball hockey, and still run tournaments. Whenever the idea of dek/ball hockey on TV was broached, I generally scoffed: “Who’d watch that?” 

But next to pickleball, dek/ball hockey would be the Super Bowl. Compare below. (Disclaimer: One of dek/ball hockey’s problems is that little good video of elite games exists.) 

If any network wants to broadcast my annual dek/ball hockey national championships in April at RMU Island Sports Center, inquire within. It couldn’t help but be better. 

Some sports are for recreation, not television. 

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