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QB Aaron Rodgers deserves credit for how his situation at Green Bay is resolving itself. 

Rodgers whined like a child about disrespect by his employer that didn’t really exist. But at day’s end, Rodgers acted like an adult and hammered out a solution that is 100 percent fair. 

Rodgers gives Green Bay one more season. 

The final year of his contract (2023) is voided. 

If Rodgers is still unhappy after the 2021 season, the Packers trade him. That way the Packers get some value out of his departure. 

It’s a square deal. There are no holes in it. 

Rodgers and Green Bay found a compromise and settled things in mature fashion. Who the heck saw that coming? 

Now the Packers have this “Last Dance” vibe, as Rodgers and WR Davante Adams both alluded to on Instagram. But neither one is remotely close to being Michael Jordan.

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