Free was one of the great, true rock/blues bands. A lot of groups paid lip service to the blues, but Free (1968-73) lived it. 

Free was vocalist Paul Rodgers’ group before Bad Company. Bad Co. drummer Simon Kirke was also in Free. But Paul Kossoff’s wrenching, emotive guitar defined Free’s sound as much as Rodgers’ voice. Don’t sleep on bassist Andy Fraser, either. Fraser was 16 when Free formed. He co-wrote many of Free’s hits, including “Fire and Water” and the iconic “All Right Now.” 

“Fire and Water” is the epitome of Free. It oozes electric blues. It’s a showpiece for Rodgers’ voice – but, really, every song is. Rodgers is one of rock’s top five singers. 

So, incredibly, two members of Kiss remade “Fire and Water” in 2016…and it’s very good. (Not as good as Free’s version. Let’s not go overboard.) 

Make the comparison below: Free vs. Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley. 

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