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World Wrestling Entertainment televises wrestling on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

All Elite Wrestling televises wrestling on Wednesday, debuts a new Friday program on Aug. 13, and has streaming shows Monday and Tuesday.

Impact Wrestling has a television program on Thursday.

Ring of Honor has syndicated TV.

Major League Wrestling has a TV show on Saturday.

The National Wrestling Alliance streams their product.

All the promotions have pay-per-views on weekends. 

So, obviously, we need more wrestling on TV. 

Starz is taking a different approach with a dramatic series, “Heels.” It’s the brainchild of actor Stephen Amell, a dedicated wrestling fan. It premieres Aug. 15. See the trailer below.

Amell plays one of the series’ lead roles. “Heels” also features retired (for now) wrestling superstar C.M. Punk and former Steeler James Harrison. 

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