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The Midnight Express might be the top tag team in pro wrestling history. Whether composed of Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey, or Eaton and Stan Lane, it was an electrifying duo. 

If you saw Eaton work, there’s an obvious conclusion: No knock on Condrey or Lane, but the best tag team was very often Eaton and anybody. He was the ultimate partner. 

Whether it was with the Midnight Express, or with Arn Anderson, or Lord Steven Regal, Eaton personified tag-team excellence. He was a great singles wrestler, too. 

Eaton was agile, athletic and inventive. His timing was impeccable. His punch was second to none. He was safe, but not at the expense of believability. Stone Cold Steve Austin called wrestling Eaton “a night off.” 

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton passed away yesterday. He was 62. 

I had the honor of working with Bobby in WCW. He could be a man of few words, but there wasn’t a better guy. 

Bobby often traveled with an extra bag full of things like toiletries and socks, handing them out if a co-worker forgot something. He was a thoroughly good man. 

Wrestling was built by men like Bobby Eaton. RIP, Bobby. 

Thumbnail via Memphis Wrestling News

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