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This blue-ribbon panel of hockey experts (three Canadians and yours truly) labored into the wee hours debating the 5 best players of all time and came up with a definitive list: 

1-3: Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Bobby Orr (in any order). 

4-5: Sidney Crosby and Gordie Howe (in any order). 

Then Scott D’Amore (not pictured) entered the fray late with his slick Windsor bull***t and tried to bully Howe’s way into the top three (much like Gordie might have with his elbows). 

The others began to waver, but not me. That’s despite strong accusations of regional bias. 

From left to right: Luther, Don Callis, your intrepid reporter and Chris Jericho. It was like standing on the corner of Portage and Main. 

This was taken just a few hours after Luther and Sammy Guevara (not pictured) tried to cripple me by sticking the guard rail up my rectum at the AEW show. But I’m made of sterner stuff. 

The soundtrack was Scorpions, including all the great Michael Schenker stuff from "Lovedrive." Jericho has great taste.

Photo: chrisjerichofozzy on IG.

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