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This guy tried to make me eat the guard rail at the AEW show Wednesday. But we’re still friends. 

I met Sammy Guevara when he was 20 and he came to Pittsburgh for IWC’s annual Super Indy tournament. He worked three matches. I did color for one of them on IWC’s DVD. Nice kid. I knew then he was going to be a star. 

Fast forward to 2021, and Sammy is a star. He’s over big-time as a babyface on AEW TV. He’s an excellent worker and has crazy charisma. 

When he came to Pittsburgh in 2014, he took a bus from Houston and got paid very little. He’s nothing if not determined. (I'm told Sammy owns a car now.)

Sammy does a weekly vlog on YouTube. It’s arguably the best wrestling vlog going. (Sammy's a great editor. Hidden talent.) Here’s a sample: 

I don’t think Fuego Del Sol is really dead, BTW. 

My lone remaining professional goal is to appear on Sammy’s vlog. I will keep chasing my dream. 

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