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How it started: 

How it’s going: 

You’re going to want more details. 

Andrade El Idolo was in Pittsburgh to work for All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday and Friday. His fiancee, WWE’s Charlotte, accompanied him. Charlotte’s father, the legendary Ric Flair, came to Pittsburgh Friday. The Flairs and I had dinner at Capital Grille. (Delicious!) Andrade joined us afterward for the photo op. 

The next morning, Andrade and the Flairs went to Mexico City where Andrade headlined TripleMania (Mexican wrestling’s version of WrestleMania) against Kenny Omega. Ric Flair accompanied Andrade to the ring, and to great effect. (That’s Konnan being put in the figure-four leglock by Ric. Konnan is Mexican wrestling’s living legend.) 


There’s only going to be one Ric Flair, ever. How awesome is this? #GOAT 

Charlotte is the best female performer ever, and Andrade just headlined Mexico’s biggest annual show. That’s wrestling’s first family. (Wait ‘til Andrade makes his mark in AEW.) 

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