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Most football teams have a No. 1 receiver, a possession receiver and a slot receiver. There can be overlap, but those are the basics. 

The Steelers need to observe that structure, because their hierarchy is clear-cut. 

Chase Claypool is the No. 1 receiver. Diontae Johnson is the possession receiver. Juju Smith-Schuster is the slot receiver. 

Claypool is the biggest talent. He’s the man. 

Look at what Claypool did yesterday at Buffalo. 

*He made a great catch down the sideline over the Bills’ top corner, Tre’Davious White. 

*He took a reverse 25 yards. 

*He drew a big flag for pass interference, netting the Steelers 26 yards. White was victimized then, too. 

The Steelers’ offense probably won’t be very good because the line isn’t very good. It needs to maximize what it can. Get as much as you can out of Claypool. 

Claypool is the Steelers’ best receiver, and has the highest ceiling. Utilize him accordingly. Get Claypool the ball.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

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