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Yesterday was Roberto Clemente Day across MLB. 

The Pirates celebrated at PNC Park with an announced crowd of just 9.320. The amount of people in the stands was far less. 

Clemente’s family was present. There was a ceremony. The Pirates all wore Clemente’s No. 21. 

But less than ten thousand tickets were sold, and the seats were sparsely populated. 

That was the best the Pirates could do for Roberto Clemente Day. 

Don’t blame the inclement weather. 

Don’t blame Pittsburgh. This isn’t on the fans. 

Blame the Pirates. The franchise has zero dignity left. 

Nobody cares. When you get a ***t crowd like that for Roberto Clemente Day, it’s low tide.

Today's fans don't connect these Pirates with Clemente. 

Do you think Clemente would be proud of what the Pirates have become, both on the field and organizationally? Do you think he’d want a bunch of bums wearing No. 21? 

If Clemente were alive, he might not even show up for his own day. 

Look at all the empty seats. Not a great visual.

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