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Ben Roethlisberger didn’t throw any passes over 20 yards at Buffalo. He’s 39. He had major elbow surgery in 2019. Is he choosing not to throw deep, or can’t? 

Information smuggled out of the fascist media lockdown that is Steelers practice reveals that Roethlisberger throws the long ball regularly and well. 

So, when are we going to see it? 

The biggest worry coming out of that win at Buffalo is that the Steelers offense looked much like last year’s: 18 passes of five yards or less, an average release time hovering just over two seconds, 74 percent of the snaps out of the shotgun. That was especially true in the second half. (There was a bit more play-action.)

That worked last season – until it didn’t. Foes got used to defending a 15-yard field. 

The Steelers must commit to running the ball, and to throwing downfield more. If they don’t, their success this season will again come with an expiration date. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills

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