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Guard Trai Turner got ejected from yesterday’s game for spitting in the face of a Vegas player. The video below clearly shows Turner’s stupidity.

There was not a “second spitter,” as in “Seinfeld.” 

Coach Mike Tomlin defended Turner. That exemplifies why the Steelers don’t have enough discipline or accountability. 

Spitting is indefensible and inexcusable. So is getting tossed. 

Don’t spit. Throw a punch. If you’re going to be dumb, be a man. 

It’s rumored that Turner got spit at. But nobody saw it. Not a ref, not another player, not a camera. 

It’s reminiscent of when Cleveland’s Myles Garrett tried to bash in Mason Rudolph’s head with Rudolph’s own helmet, then “justified” it by saying Rudolph said a racial slur. But there was no evidence whatsoever.

Sometimes you need an excuse, even if it’s a lie.

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