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On fourth-and-10 at Cincinnati’s 11 with 3:09 remaining and the Steelers trailing by 14, Ben Roethlisberger inexplicably dumped a pass in the right flat to Najee Harris that lost a yard. 

It might have been the worst play call ever. Take a shot downfield. 

Sure, the Bengals had a fistful of defensive backs on the field. So what? Make a good throw. 

Said Roethlisberger, “In hindsight, we wish we would have taken a shot in the end zone.” Duh. 

But Mike Tomlin stole the show with some authentic Tomlin gibberish: 

“We had fired all of our bullets at that juncture in terms of some of our play selection. It just wasn't a good enough play to get in there. They had a picket fence, if you will, because of situations just like the conversation we were having over here. They're going to allow you to probably throw and catch the ball in front of them, but you've got to do some things after that. They had a bunch of guys running along the goal-line like happens whenever it's fourth-and-goal from the eight or nine or whatever it was.” 

What the frig does that even mean? “Fired all our bullets”? 

“Picket fence”? Ask Dennis Hopper what to do. Drunk as he might be, his play call couldn’t be worse. Get Jimmy Chitwood the ball. There are gaps in a picket fence. Find one.

The Steelers’ coaching decisions alternate between stupid and cowardly. 

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