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“The last plays of the game, they gave up.” – Cincinnati WR Tyler Boyd talking about the Steelers after the Bengals’ 24-10 win at Heinz Field Sunday. 

To hear all of Boyd’s comments, watch the video below. 

The Steelers didn’t give up. I didn’t see that. They just stink. 

But what does it say about how rapidly the Steelers are disintegrating when Boyd feels free to chirp like that? (The teams play again this season, don't forget: Nov. 28 at Cincinnati.)

Boyd is a Pittsburgh guy. He played at Clairton High School and Pitt. The Steelers are his hometown team. 

Boyd caught a touchdown, beat the Steelers, then rubbed their noses in it. 

The Bengals have beaten the Steelers two straight. But the Steelers won the prior 11 meetings between the teams. 

But Boyd felt free to poke the bear. 

That’s easier to do when the bear is toothless. 

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