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One of the silliest ideas ever is the notion that the Steelers should get Aaron Rodgers next year. That they should go from a 39-year-old quarterback to one who turns 38 in December. 

Rodgers tried to finagle his way out of Green Bay this past off-season. 

But don’t rule out Rodgers playing for the Packers again next year. 

Rodgers will be a free agent in 2023. To get him for 2022, the Steelers would have to trade for him. He would not come cheap. It would take a first- and second-round pick, probably more. The Steelers need those picks more than they need Rodgers. (Then you have to pay Rodgers. His cap hit next year is $46.1 million.) 

The only teams that should trade for Rodgers are those that are legit close to a Super Bowl.

The Steelers are not. Rodgers wouldn't get them there. Even the playoffs wouldn't be a lock.

Why would Rodgers want to join the Steelers? Why would he risk his life playing behind that offensive line? 

Eternal optimists think the vast cap space possessed by the Steelers next year allows them to do a quick rebuild. But it won’t be that simple. Do you trust the Steelers to do it? 

Turn the page. Draft your next quarterback. 

Problem is, there’s not a true stud QB in the next NFL draft save perhaps Matt Corral of Ole Miss. The Steelers won’t likely be in a position to select him. Anyway, he's no Trevor Lawrence.

The Steelers should have acquired Sam Darnold from the New York Jets this past off-season. He’s doing very well at Carolina. He just needed to escape the Jets. 

The Steelers have no succession plan at quarterback. Mason Rudolph will start for at least a season.

Look how long it was between Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger: 21 years. 

You don’t just automatically get “that guy.” The Jets haven’t had “that guy” since Joe Namath. Some teams have never had “that guy.”

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