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It’s an absolute lock. Bet over your head, not with it. 

The Steelers are favored by 5. Seattle was favored by 2½ before QB Russell Wilson got hurt. 

The Seahawks won’t have Wilson, but do have perhaps the worst defense in football history. The Legion of Boom is now the Legion of Suck. 

Seattle is allowing 450 yards per game. I can’t even walk that far. 

Seattle has a better offense than the Steelers, even with Geno Smith at QB. But the Seahawks don’t get to play against their own defense. 

If the Steelers sputter offensively, there’s a problem. 

If the Steelers lose, there’s a problem. 

But beating Seattle puts the Steelers at 3-3 and keeps the illusion alive. 

The Steelers could lose at Cleveland (no Vaseline), then beat Chicago and Detroit at home. That would make them 5-4. 

It gets tough after that, but the fantasy is what’s important. Can’t you see what this crazy life is doing to me? 

The Steelers will beat Seattle. That’s a guarantee. 

Some other guarantees for Sunday night at Heinz Field: 

*The Steelers’ season high for points is 27, set this past Sunday vs. Denver. The Steelers will top that, and perhaps even get to the mid-30s. 

*RB Najee Harris had 122 yards rushing vs. Denver. He will best that against Seattle. 

*The Steelers will blitz more. They have to. They need more pressure than a four-man rush is generating. 

*Smith will have a good game for Seattle and keep the score close. He can move, and he's got a big arm. 

*The Steelers will win the game for fallen hero Juju Smith-Schuster, who regrets that he has but one shoulder to give for his franchise. (Put your Steelers flags at half-mast.) 

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