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Saturday was not a great homecoming for ex-Penguin goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. 

But it was a terrific night for current Pens netminder Tristan Jarry. 

Jarry didn’t play awesome. As with his prior outing, Tuesday’s 6-2 win at Tampa Bay, Jarry’s performance was solid but barely connected to the result. 

Against Chicago, Jarry made 18 saves in a 5-2 victory. 

But Jarry’s optics were excellent. 

Fleury got chased from his net in under 12 minutes, allowing four goals on 10 shots. 

He allowed a goal at the 15-second mark. It wasn’t good. Nor was the second goal at 5:33. 

That’s no knock on Fleury. He has nothing to prove to Penguins fans. 

But Fleury’s early exit killed the lovefest, especially when he started smashing his stick against a wall after leaving the ice. 

Fleury may have more nights like this in his future. Chicago’s defense is woeful. The Penguins had one odd-man rush after another. It was like a jailbreak. 

Imagine the fan reaction (and on Twitter) if Fleury excels and Jarry sucks. 

So, it was a good night for Jarry even if he didn’t have a lot to do with it. 

Jarry needs to be force-fed confidence, and everybody connected needs force-fed confidence in Jarry. Saturday provided a heaping helping. 

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