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Rocky Bleier and Bret Michaels were among those leading the ceremonial Terrible Towel twirl before last night’s Steelers-Chicago game at Heinz Field. 

Bleier is a Vietnam veteran and former Steeler. He won the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and four Super Bowls. 

Michaels, a Butler native, is lead singer for Poison. His band made three multi-platinum albums. 

Talk about your odd couples. 

Michaels is a die-hard Steelers fan. He knows who Bleier is. 

Bleier probably isn’t a die-hard Poison fan. He surely had to be told who Michaels is. 

That said, if Bleier has a favorite Poison tune, it’s got to be “Talk Dirty to Me.” Everybody loves that song. 

Both are Pittsburgh legends. That’s what counts most. 

The Steelers won, but often looked horrific. Every rose has its thorn, I suppose. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? HAW, HAW, HAW!) 

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