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Finally. my big announcement: 

There were some twists and turns along the way. 

We’re scheduled to tape the first episode Monday. It drops Wednesday. The idea of an uncensored podcast featuring Ric Flair speaks for itself, and it’s a bit scary (not least to me). 

But there’s never been a better all-around performer in wrestling history, and nobody has more stories to tell. 

Ric’s prime was in an era when you wrestled 300 matches a year and traveled the world. No guaranteed contracts: You sang for your supper. Today’s wrestlers might work 50 matches a year and have a relatively safe, easy travel schedule. They certainly don’t criss-cross the globe like Ric did. (They also don’t wrestle in Santo Domingo with armed soldiers at ringside.) 

We won’t just talk about nostalgia, though: Who does Ric think is best among current-day performers? AEW’s Kenny Omega is supposed to be “the man.” What does Ric think? (That will be a topic in our first episode.) 

I’ve known Ric since 1986. There’s a definite chemistry there. (Ric doesn’t need much prodding to tell the truth in the first place.) 

It’s going to be controversial. It’s going to be topical. But, above all, the “WOOOO Nation Uncensored” podcast is going to be fun. 

Ric’s thoughts on wrestling come from a unique perspective. He’s the best ever. No one is more qualified to judge. No one’s opinions come closer to fact. 

I can’t wait to start. (I’ve been waiting a while.) Maybe next time a promotional video is put together, they can find more photos of me at my current weight. (These are the “before” shots.)

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