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Here’s an excerpt from my latest column. To read the entire piece, click HERE

The me-first self-absorption exemplified by Chase Claypool has mostly been supported by the hoi polloi in the name of having fun. ‘THEY’RE KIDS! LET ‘EM HAVE FUN! FUN, FUN, FUN!” 

But was it fun losing to Cincinnati by 31? Was it fun wasting that comeback at Los Angeles? Was tying winless Detroit fun? Has it been fun going 6-10-1 after starting last season 11-0? 

Fun in sports should be born of winning. Brad Pitt (as Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane) busted up his clubhouse in a scene from “Moneyball” because the players were having fun after a loss. When the room went silent, Pitt said, “That’s what losing sounds like.” 

It’s not supposed to sound like Claypool, or like music during practice. 

Here’s the scene in question. It’s magnificent, and a philosophy to live by. 

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