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The Penguins’ third jerseys for this season are OK. It’s the Snoop Dogg jersey from the “Gin & Juice” video. The Penguins wore them on a regular basis from 1992-95. 

But the Nashville Predators’ jersey for this season’s Stadium Series game may be the worst in NHL history.

A) Nobody outside Nashville calls it Smashville. Most of the people in Nashville don’t call it that. B) Why are some of the letters on the front different sizes? It looks like a manufacturing error. C) It just plain sucks. It looks like Pekka Rinne soiled the bed in the playoffs again and they wiped it up with this jersey. 

They should hang this monstrosity in the rafters of their rink with all the meaningless banners that are already there. "NHL's best party city," crap like that.

This is what happens when redneck hillbillies think they’re cool, which is the whole concept of Nashville. FFS. 

Thumbnail via Nashville Predators.

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