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I wrote a column on Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett. To read it, click HERE

Here’s a P.S.: 

Pickett is a quality quarterback. He might be a first-round pick in the NFL draft. His performance this season was Heisman-worthy, though he won’t win. He resurrected Pitt like only Tony Dorsett did before. Pickett is a respected leader and, by all accounts, a good guy. 

But his fake slide that led to a 58-yard touchdown run vs. Wake Forest in the ACC championship game Saturday was carny bull***t. 

The slide rule is designed for a quarterback to protect himself by giving himself up. Defenders stop playing when a QB starts to slide. That’s out of respect for his safety (and to not get flagged). 

A quarterback shouldn’t compromise that. The rule only benefits quarterbacks. Quarterbacks should respect that, and what the defenders do. 

What Pickett did was borderline cheating. He definitely pulled a fast one. 

Wake Forest should have knocked Pickett’s block off the next chance they got. Give away the 15 yards. 

I like Pickett. I don’t like what he did on that play. 

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