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On Tuesday, Pitt said offensive coordinator Mark Whipple resigned due to “family issues.” 

Those issues apparently cleared up in a hurry, because Whipple was named Nebraska’s offensive coordinator less than 24 hours later. 

Why did Pitt lie? What’s the point? (It’s like when Steelers’ offensive coordinator Bruce Arians “retired” in 2012. But he didn't. Arians was head coach when Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl last season.) 

Why couldn’t Whipple stay on the job ‘til after the Peach Bowl? What needs to be “coordinated” at Nebraska right now? 

Kenny Pickett might not be on the job at the Peach Bowl, either.

After Pitt won the ACC final, the Pitt quarterback said he would play against Michigan State. Now Pickett says he’s “undecided.” 

If Pickett doesn’t play, nobody should find fault. He’s likely to be picked in the first round of the NFL draft. If Pickett got significantly injured in the Peach Bowl, he’d lose tens of millions. 

The Peach Bowl is meaningless. Pickett should do right by himself. He’s already done right by Pitt. 

But this is typical Pitt. 

Pitt won the ACC. But just a few days later, much is in shambles. 

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