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This “Michigan”-style pass by Anaheim’s Trevor Zegras to set up Sonny Milano for a goal set the hockey world ablaze last week. 

Then ex-coach John Tortorella crapped all over it on ESPN. 

Hey, that’s what Torts does. 

I’m not quite the wet blanket Torts is. 

But I didn’t get tumescent over Zegras’ pass, either. 

There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not bad for hockey. It’s fun. It produced a goal. 

But it’s not a great display of hockey skill. It’s not Connor McDavid darting through four defenders with the puck, making moves at top speed. It’s not Mario Lemieux splitting Shawn Chambers and Neil Wilkinson in the 1991 Stanley Cup Final. It’s not Sidney Crosby mesmerizing on his backhand better than anyone who’s ever played hockey. 

It's a circus act.

It won’t get Zegras in the Hall of Fame, not even if he does it repeatedly. Which he won’t.

Thubmnail via Getty Images.

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