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Kenny Pickett broke Dan Marino’s Pitt record for career touchdown passes. 

Pickett also broke Alex Van Pelt’s Pitt record for career passing yards. 

Pickett also broke Pitt passing records held by Rod Rutherford and Pete Gonzalez. 

So perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous to assume Pickett = Marino. Perhaps Pickett = Van Pelt, Rutherford or Gonzalez. 

Pickett will likely be picked in the first round of the NFL draft. He could have a fine pro career. 

But he’s got a long way to go before equating to Marino. 

Marino went in the first round of the 1983 NFL draft. So did Tony Eason. 

I hope the Steelers take Pickett. It would be best for business. 

Skipping the Peach Bowl is absolutely the right move by Pickett. Too much money is at stake. 

Pickett never intended to play in the Peach Bowl. He made that decision before Pitt beat Wake Forest in the ACC final.

Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State's star RB, has also opted out of the Peach Bowl.

So, what's the point of the Peach Bowl? Why would you watch it, let alone attend it?

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