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Here’s an excerpt from my column. To read the entire piece, click HERE

The Steelers must have zero turnovers, and Kansas City needs to commit two or three. If the Chiefs turn the ball over four times and the Steelers twice, the Chiefs would register more points off turnovers. The Steelers have got to protect the ball with 100 percent efficiency. 

That’s only a small part of the formula for beating the Chiefs when the teams play Sunday night at Kansas City in a wild-card playoff game. 

But it’s a significant part. 

The Chiefs are an offensive machine. The Steelers didn’t score a first-half touchdown in six of their last seven games. 

The Steelers can’t give the Chiefs any gifts. Not even one. 

Here’s another excerpt: 

If the Steelers win the toss, take the ball. Rallying from a deficit in the second half is unlikely. Play it tight in the first. 

The current conventional coaching wisdom says to defer. 

But the Chiefs are the only team playing Sunday night that could put the game away by halftime. Coach Mike Tomlin has to know that, and defy conventional wisdom accordingly. Keep the ball away from Kansas City, even if it's briefly.

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