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It looks like Matt Canada will return as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. 

I’ve got no problem with that. 

You can’t run the entirety of Canada’s offense with an immobile 39-year-old quarterback who constantly adjusts and tinkers as per his preferences. (Not that Mason Rudolph is Usain Bolt. But he'll do what he's told.) 

Canada’s offense this season didn’t look much different from Randy Fichtner’s offense last season. 

That’s because it was really Ben Roethlisberger’s offense both years. 

Canada’s vision will be realized more in 2022. Such as it is. 

I would have never hired Canada in the first place. Look at his resume. He isn’t qualified. Canada got the coordinator's job because he works cheap and was already on-staff as quarterbacks coach. 

But a brilliant offensive coordinator won’t get the Steelers to a Super Bowl, or even very close. 

The Steelers need better players more than they need a better offensive coordinator.

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