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The other big off-season discussion will be about receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, who returned early (we’re told) from shoulder surgery (there’s a report he nearly lost the arm) to register an incredible five catches for an amazing 26 yards at Kansas City. 

Smith-Schuster said afterward that he’d like to sign a four-year contract with the Steelers. Twitter bleats about making this brave young man a “Steeler for life.” 

Smith-Schuster played six games and did very little. He missed the rest of the games because of his bum shoulder. He averaged just 7.8 yards per reception. 

So, for that, Smith-Schuster should be made a “Steeler for life”? Smith-Schuster thinks he merits a four-year contract? 

Hubris is one heck of a drug. So is social media. 

Pittsburgh Steelers v Philadelphia Eagles

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