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Sidney Crosby is poised to score career goal No. 500. Perhaps it comes tonight at Ottawa in front of a mostly empty building because Canada is still terrified by covid. 

That would be so Canada, and so Crosby. 

Crosby isn’t a human highlight reel. 

He can fly. He’s adrenalized. Nobody plays better on the backhand, or a more polished 200-foot game. His abrupt-angle deflections down low are works of art. His playmaking is sublime. 

Crosby checks all the boxes. 

But his effect is more cumulative. 

Crosby isn’t as spectacular as Connor McDavid. But Crosby is more complete, wins more and will ultimately be remembered as being better. 

What is Crosby’s signature goal? Maybe it's when he split four Buffalo Sabres before netting a one-handed backhand in 2017 (see below). 

He’s batted a few pucks into the net, scored several goals while sliding, even more while dropping to one knee and a bunch from severe angles. 

But mostly, Crosby adds up. 

His most famous tally is the Golden Goal that won the Olympics for Canada in 2010, But it was just a simple finish. 

Crosby is about relentless and constant efficiency.

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