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Outgoing Steelers GM Kevin Colbert is doing lots of media as his final draft approaches. This statement seemed odd: 

“[Zach Banner and Kevin Dotson] didn’t contribute for us as we expected last year, and we expect more. We expect more opportunities, and I believe they’ll have those opportunities.” 

Dotson, I get. The left guard started four games as a rookie in 2020, then nine times last year before his season was curtailed by an ankle injury. He’s a fighter with promise. He’s a starter. 

Banner, I don’t get. 

Banner is 6-foot-8, 358 pounds of nothing. He’s always out. He won the starting job at right tackle in 2020, then got hurt in the first game and missed the rest of the year. Injury limited him last season, too: He played in seven games, and only sparingly. 

If Banner gets more opportunities, they should be with a different team. He’s been useless in Pittsburgh. Cut him. He’s a $6.625 million cap hit. Imagine paying that bum that much. 

Here’s betting Colbert’s comments foreshadow very little change being made by the Steelers during the off-season. You’ll be shocked by how much remains the same. 

If you bring Banner back, that’s not changing enough. 

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